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Pimsleur MP3

Pimsleur MP3

Pimsleur MP3: Learning a second language with the Pimsleur MP3 audios is the fastest method to learn a new language and to be sure to pronounce the new phrases correctly.

Pimsleur MP3How does this work? Pimsleur has developed a great audio method to learn languages quickly and very efficiently. You are listening to a series of specifically developed language courses that have a clear target: The student should learn in a total immersion method, similar to the way we all learn our first language. When we were a baby there were plenty of sounds aorund us. From these sounds we started to make sense and started to understand what others were saying to us or between themselves. We keep this ability and can make use of it by using Pimsleur MP3's to learn a second language.

You can plus in your MP3 player whenever you feel like, no obligation to visit classes at a specific time, no obligation to advance at the same pace as the slowest student in class...

Pimsleur MP3's allow you to learn when you feel like it, where you are and at any time. You can learn at midnight, 4 am or duriung lunch time - yourt choice and yours only!

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What customers say about the Pimsleur MP3 Audios:

Excellent for a language beginner
Pimsleur's products are excellent. The CDs provide the very thorough repetition and drill necessary to begin building real converstional/listening skills. I've used Pimsleur to garner "travel fluency" in both French and Spanish. While I've continued studying French, I still ocassionally revisit the Spanish discs to review before travel.
I've tried various beginner's listening CDs. Pimleur's are by far the best. They are an excellent first step.  -- M. Agosta,Washington, DC, USA

Convenient to use and easy to transport

Pimsleur's Conversational French CDs are very easy to use and convenient. We keep them in the car because we are there often. Everyone joins in repeating the phrases. Most of the sentences are ones that you would use in getting about a French speaking area. However, I would have liked having a written booklet with it, because it is difficult to determine b or v and some other pronunciations. On the whole I feel it is worth the reasonable price we paid for it. The lessons progress from one to the other so that there is a continuity in learning. -- S. Dominick, Southeast USA